What Local Celebs Are Saying About Vicious Bullying #NOToBullying

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Bullying is NOT okay!

Our nation is still in shock and deeply saddened by the passing of  18-year-old T.Nhaveen, who was a victim of bullying. He passed away after he was violently beaten up and sexually assaulted by a group of former schoolmates.

We hope that justice will prevail not just for the late Nhaveen, but also for UPNM naval cadet,  Zulfarhan Osman and other victims of bullying out there #NOToBullying


To report bullying, please call the anti-bullying hotline Talian Aduan Disiplin 1800-88-4774 or email [email protected] You can also call 15999 Childline to report bullying.

In light of  his passing, celebrities have been joining in the public outcry against bullying. Here are some of their responses :

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