Here’s How You Can Save The Environment

April is all about caring the earth. Now you can contribute with just a click of a button, posting a picture on your social media account, donate, or even running a bike.

It’s time to stop cutting them down and start planting them up! Trees are vital to almost every being on earth; but even if it’s already a known fact, more and more trees are still cut down for development – causing a huge negative impact on the environment.

Estee Lauder Companies Earth Month campaign partners up with Global Environment Centre (GEC) to give you multiple opportunities to help save Mother Earth.

Here’s how you can help:

Visit the Estee Lauder Companies Earth Month booth in West Lobby, Mid Valley

from 10 – 16 April 2017 and partake in one or all of the following activities :

1. Plant A Tree

  • Shoppers can donate RM20 and sponsor a sapling from GEC
  • Shoppers can purchase any Origins products to receive an eco-chic 100% recycled cotton textured wax finish tote and Estee Lauder Companies will donate RM20 and plant a sapling on their behalf
  • Shoppers can sign up as volunteers with GEC to help plant trees at the site

2. Eco-Challenge 1

  • BikeBlender – Perfect work out for your quadriceps muscles. Ride a bike challenge. BYO “Blend Your Own” fruit juice within a time limit, and Estee Lauder Companies will Plant-A-Tree through GEC for every successful attempt

3. Eco Challenge 2 (10-23 April)

  • Be environmentally conscious and responsible by declaring your love for Mother Nature. Drive awareness for Earth Month by puckering up. Post a picture of yourself Kissing The Planet. For each post that tags #KissThePlanet #ELCEarthMonth and @OriginsMalaysia, ELC will Plant-A- Tree through GEC

4. Collection of empties

  • Drop 3 full-sized empties at our recycle bins to receive Origins samples.

You can not only help Estee Lauder Companies to reach their goal of planting 1,500 trees in Raja Musa Forest Reserve, but also the environment and everything in it will thank you!

BYO Juice

BYO Juice

Earth Supporters

Earth Supporters

GEC Plant A Tre

GEC Plant A Tree

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