Black Friday Promotions in Malaysia!

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You might be wondering what Black Friday is all about? It might sound like something as horrible as Friday the 13th! Well, don’t worry about it, its all about SALES and DISCOUNTS! A day right after Thanksgiving in the USA, Black Friday paves a way to the start of the Christmas season shopping!

It can get quite messy on Black Friday…

While in Malaysia

Even though the shopping holiday Black Friday is fairly new in Malaysia, it has picked up a little here! So here’s a list of stores you can shop at with huge discounts this weekend. For more updates and information on Black Friday sales and discount, head over to¬†Black Friday.Sale’s website.


Pic credit: Aeon Retail Malaysia FB page

If you’re going for your regular grocery shopping, why not try it out at AEON as you can reap benefits from the store-wide discount.

DATE: 24-26 November 2017
WHERE: All Aeon stores.

For more information on what’s on sale, visit their Facebook page!

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