Last November 2017, Her World went on a search to find talented kids who have yet been discovered!

After months of searching and reviewing, we are ready to announce our Top 10 finalists!

Click on the link to watch videos of the finalists performances before placing your votes.

How to vote:

Watch all 10 finalists videos.

Vote by rating for each finalist.

Rate from 1 to 5 (1 is the lowest mark and 5 is highest).

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Her World Most Talented Kids Finalists
1. Emily Arisara, 6
2. Vera Tan Jia Wei, 5
3. Sierra Yim Sivaseelan, 8
4. Emma Tan Jian Shuen, 7
5. Zoe Lin, Woo, 8
6. Goh Hann Ning, 8
7. Arrabella Ellen, 12
8. Tan Ai Chen, 11
9. Noryn Hannany, 11
10. Shim Onn, 11 (on left)
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