‘My Husband Forgave Me for Sleeping with My Ex’

Find out how this woman saved her marriage even after making a huge mistake.


“Three months ago, I bumped into my ex-boyfriend Jason* at a wedding and he told me how fabulous I looked. When I agreed to have coffee with him, I didn’t think it would lead to anything.

But he drew me in with his warmth and his charm, and we ended up having sex in a hotel room that afternoon. He kept telling me how beautiful I was. Even though we only had sex that one time, I felt so guilty. Knowing that I’d betrayed my husband gave me a horrible, sinking feeling.

I confessed to my husband that same night. He was shattered beyond words, and angry, but I begged him for another chance. He couldn’t understand why I’d cheated because we had no serious problems. To me, sex with Jason was something that just happened, something I couldn’t control. I was truly remorseful and promised my husband that I’d never cheat on him again.

We agreed to see a couples’ counsellor. During therapy, I shared how good Jason had made me feel. I realised that I was feeling slightly taken for granted – that what I craved was my husband’s attention and validation.

Luckily, my husband never talked about leaving me. He asked me if I still loved him and wanted to be married to him, and I said yes. He said that was all he needed to know, and we had to work things out and try to heal together.

I cut off contact with Jason – he wanted to see me again, but I told him that sleeping together was a mistake. He was initially upset, but agreed to leave me alone. I never heard from him again.

My husband and I now set aside “couple time” a few nights a week, when we talk openly about what we love about each other. I’m working to regain his trust. For example, I allow him to check my text messages so he’s assured that I’m not seeing Jason anymore. I also tell him where I’m going if I’m out with my girlfriends, and make it a point to tell him often how much I love and want to be with him.

My husband is now a lot more romantic. He makes the effort to compliment me more, and be more affectionate and attentive. Our love feels rejuvenated.”

*Names have been changed

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