How to Please Your Man in Bed

Men fess up about how you can really turn them on … Here are their blunt tips on how to please your man in bed.

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“The louder you scream, the better. I like to know you’re having a good time and enjoying me inside you.” 
Terence*, 27, stage designer


“Play with yourself once in a while during foreplay or when I’m inside you. Touch yourself or play with your nipples. Seeing you enjoying yourself is hot, even hotter with toys.”Jaden*, 27, self-employed


“Breathe into my ear and beg me to go faster and harder.”A. Ho, 33, chef


“Talk dirty. It stimulates more than just my ears.”Tim*, 30, lawyer


“Wrap your legs around my waist and pull me towards you. The intimacy turns me on and makes me feel wanted.”J.D., 25, copywriter


“Be creative in bed, suggest new moves like role-playing. I’m willing to please you like a slave. Just tell me what to do.”J. E. Wong 26, real estate specialist


“Take it all off. I like you waxed and clean.”Adrian T., 29, financial adviser


“Tell me when you’re going to come so I’ll know when to maintain or speed up.”Andrew H., 25, graphic designer


“Be willing to learn new moves from me and listen when I tell you to be in certain positions that will please me. I promise you a good time if you do.”Mervin G., 32, finance officer


“Take the initiative in bed. Don’t just lie there and let me direct you. I like to know you’re just as into it as I am.” D. Yong, 29, bartender


“Shower me with kisses all over my body – my ears, lips and inner thighs. And let me do it back to you – ears, lips, inner thighs and everything in between.”R. Lin, 30, lawyer


“I’m the Alpha male. You don’t always have to be on top. Just let yourself go and I’ll take care of everything.” 
J. Liao, 33, bar manager


“Hold me as tight as you can and dig your nails into my back.”George*, 25, footballer


“Walk around naked. Seeing you perfectly comfortable around me revs me up and tells me you’re not afraid to be yourself.”G. Quan, 31, auditor


“Use me as your toy to reach orgasm. Push yourself against me while I’m down on you and move yourself against my mouth.”Nick S., 33, restaurant manager


*Names have been changed



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