9 Surprising Facts About Cheating

Taken from the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, Evolutionary Psychology, Infedility: When, Where, Why – take a look at some of these statistics regarding infidelity:

  1. 41 per cent of married couples admit to either physical or emotional infidelity.
  2. 56 per cent of men and 34 per cent of women who cheat rate their marriage as “happy” or “very happy”.
  3. 74 per cent of men say that they would have an affair if they knew they would never get caught.
  4. 36 per cent of men and women admit to having an affair with a co-worker.
  5. The average length of an affair is two years.
  6. 68 per cent of women and 51 per cent of men believe that sending flirty text messages is cheating.
  7. 44 per cent of women cheat because they’re attached to the person, while 32 per cent admit to cheating to reaffirm their desirability.
  8. “Lack of sexual satisfaction” has been cited as the number one reason why people cheat.
  9. 31 per cent of marriages survive an affair.

*This article first appeared in Her World October 2016 and was written by Stephanie Yap

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