9 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex With Your Husband Every Night

Here’s how daily sex with your husband can benefits you and your relationship: 

photo credit: ingimage


1. Alone time for the both of you

Let’s face it, when you’re married with kids, there’s hardly any time you have with your husband. Both of you are either busy with work, or taking care of the kids. The bedroom seems to be the only place where the both of you can be alone together. After putting your kids down for bed, spend the rest of the night exploring and appreciate each other physically.


2. Great workout

When both you and your spouse are occupied with work and family matters, having sex is really the best exercise you can get.


3. Relieve stress

Did you know that having sex is the greatest natural stress reliever? By making love with your significant other, your body will release endorphins (also known as the ‘feel-good’ chemical’), hence reducing negative mood and relieve whatever stressful thoughts you’ve had.


4. It builds trust

Exploring new positions and fantasies take a lot of trust in your partner, and for that level of trust is best earned after years and years of experience and sexual exploration.


5. And connection

We all know that sex is an important part of marriage. Having sex with your husband builds a kind of personal connection that you can never share with anyone. It’s a way to connect without using any words.


6. Be creative 

After years of marriage, having sex with the same position can be… boring. But the good news is, being intimate with a person you trust allows the both of you to explore outside the bubble. Talk to your husband and find out what kind of fantasies or positions you’d love to try and give it a go. You might even enjoy doing things that you never thought you would.


7. Boost your fertility

Yes, having sex often with your spouse can boost your fertility. Studies have found that frequent sex helps balance a woman’s hormone and regulate her periods, and this further boost your chances of conceiving a baby.


8. It improves self-esteem

We’ve established that having sex will release endorphins, hence you’re going to feel real good after making love with your husband. That will build up your self-esteem, especially knowing that your husband still thinks that you’re sexy after all these years.


9. Mood booster. 

This works best in the morning. Start your day with a morning sex and you’ll be surprise at how cheerful and optimistic you’ll be at the office later. So the question now is, why wait till tonight?