5 Questions To Ask Before A Divorce

If you’re at the point in your marriage where you’re seriously considering a divorce, these are questions to ask yourself before making the jump:

  1. Have you done whatever it takes to save your marriage?

    These include reading marital enrichment books, talking to your religious leader, and going to see a marriage counsellor. It’s important that your conscience is clear when you decide to end your marriage.

  2. Do you have emotional baggage with your spouse?

    Can you look him in the eyes and feel no resentment? Generally speaking, it’s best not to make life-changing decisions in the midst of emotional turmoil. You need to be able to say, ‘I’m at peace with my decision, myself, and going through the next phase of my life.'”

  3. Have you researched and prepared yourself legally for divorce?

    As the procedure can be complicated, do seek legal advice to educate and empower yourself.

  4. Are you willing to be a co-parent with your ex?

    Although it may be difficult to communicate with your ex, the both of you must find a way to be cordial by putting aside any emotional baggage. Put your children’s best interest above your own.

  5. Are you prepared to survive on your own, especially emotionally and financially?

    You shouldn’t burden your children with your emotions and the challenges that come with it. Don’t rob them of their childhood and the free spirit that comes from being children.

*This article first appeared in Her World February 2017 and was written by Stephanie Yap

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