4 Things You Never Knew About Men and Sex

We probed our sex gurus to give up the details on what women never knew about men and sex.

photo credit: ingimage


1. Most men masturbate even if they are happily married.

This is because they have different sexual urges than their partners and it can be a challenge to find a time that works for both partners, especially if there are kids in the house. It is better for a couple to be able to acknowledge and talk about masturbation positively and openly, so that there are fewer secrets.


2. Men are indeed more visual.

Masturbating with fantasy or with sexually explicit images is something that men find themselves doing from a young age. Most men tend to be more visually inclined than women. Hence, some men report being less attracted to their spouse when she gains weight. While most men do not expect their spouse to retain the same weight 10 or 20 years into a marriage, they do hope that she continues to pay attention to her grooming and dressing.


3.  Men are not always in the mood.

On contrary to popular belief, your husband may not always be in the mood for sex. The myth that men are ready to have sex anytime, anywhere, (which may be true if they were in their teens!) does not really work in the real world as priorities change and responsibilities come into play, according to Women’s Health.


4. It’s not purely physical for men.

Sure, when they are younger it may seem more of a struggle for men to control their sexual impulses. However, as men get older and more emotionally involved with somebody, their partner’s sexual pleasure become important as well. As a result, sex can become an act of emotional intimacy as much as it is for women.