10 Things You Must Try For Mind-Blowing Sex

From frisky foreplay to hush-hush kinky sex positions, here are the 10 things you must try for mind-blowing sex. Are you ready to have the best sex of your life?


photo credit: ingimage


1. Create a sexy playlist

Create a playlist of sultry songs for sex and the both of you get to choose what goes on the playlist. Contrary to what movies always seem to have in the background when it comes to love scenes, slow love songs or jazz music would be a better choice for this activity.


2. Neck kisses

Neck kissing is underrated and sexy. Treat your lover to a neck rub and finish off by kissing, sucking lightly or nibbling his neck. It’s a move that shows you care about the stress he’s carrying in his neck and also opens the door to the suggestion that you’re up for more, if he’s into that.


3. Take control

Initiate sex. He loves it when I pounce on him and start making out, running my fingers through his hair while I gently grind against him. Pin his hands down while you’re at it. When you feel that he’s starting to grow complacent, challenge him by saying “So who’s the boss now? You’re not such a tough guy after all, huh?” and enjoy it as he takes over.


4. Do it blindfolded

When you can’t see anything that’s happening around you, your other senses are heightened. Every single touch, smell, taste and sound is enhanced tenfold and you’ll definitely have a mind-blowing experience. Literally.


5. Go for the right timing

It’s all about the right timing and environment. As clichéd as it sounds, men do find it sexy when you put on something seductive and make an effort in bed. Find a time and day when both of you are not busy working and try to reconnect with each other. Start slow with some light kisses and sweet talking.


6. Role play

Role playing really turns a man on because he gets to live out his wildest fantasies. Talk to your man and ask him what turns him on. Come out with something that both of you would enjoy. Sometimes all you need is a little kink to make it fun in the bedroom.


7. Read Erotica

Reading erotica novels like Fifty Shades of Grey can be a great way to get in the mood. It can also be a means of exploring the types of scenarios that turn you and your partner on. In other words, if your sex life is slacking, reading about sex can help you talk the talk in the bedroom, so to speak.


8. Playing with food

Forget about traditional ways – you could spice things up in the bedroom by dousing your partner with your preferred choice of topping. We’re talking honey, maple syrup or even chocolate sauce to really get things going in the bedroom. Not only does this translate to a new adventure, it also opens you up to experimenting with different things in the future.


9. Hot shower

Take a shower together. Take it slow by showing how much you appreciate his body. The soapy water and the steam from the hot water will make everything sexier.


10. Go on top

It’s nice to change things around sometimes, especially when you’re the one in control. Guys do find it sexier when you’re taking control. Besides, you can also experiment with the tempo and angle that brings you the most satisfaction.