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WIN! AsterSpring Total Anti-Ageing Therapy facial treatment worth RM528


Maintaining youthful skin can be a challenge, more so than ever with the demands of ourmodern lifestyle. Daily stressors and newage pollutants are unavoidable, with computers and mobile gadgets being our constant work and leisure companions. But just as the digital age is one of the contributors to ageing skin, it also holds the answer to our skin concerns.

AsterSpring’s Total Anti-Ageing Therapy aims to reverse skin’s natural ageing process with the perfect blend of non-invasive technology and products. Using award-winning and medical-grade LPG Endermologie, it’s scientifically proven to boost hyaluronic acid synthesis by 80 per cent and improve collagen production – all essential to keeping your skin supple and plump!

The Total Anti-Ageing Therapy also targets pigmentation and dehydrated skin through the breakthrough Power Oxygen Essence. With hero ingredient thiotaine penetrating right down to the cellular level and fuelling skin cell energy, the treatment counteracts the effects of time, lifestyle habits and new-age pollutants to unveil healthy and youthful skin.

The benefits from this facial treatment:
• Immediate skin lifting and firming effect
• Slows down melanin formation
• Enhances cellular energy for quicker
collagen production
• Instant skin hydration and luminosity

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