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WIN! A Haenim 7S Breastpump worth RM 1099 


The 7S from Haenim is the world’s first smart Bluetooth breast pump. Designed with a modern lifestyle in mind, it allows busy breastfeeding mums to adjust and customise their pumping sessions through a mobile application. It also records breast milk volume, sets pumping reminders, and keeps track of pumping patterns.

Quiet and conveniently-sized, the Haenim 7S Breastpump has a rechargeable battery – and can be used as a single or double pump, thus yielding more milk in less time. It’s approved by the Korea Good Manufacturing Practice. TV presenter and mum of newborn twin girls, Farah Hanim Razak, says: “The Haenim 7s has become my best friend as my twins only takebreast milk. Comfortable and easy to handle, it pumps thoroughly and best of all, it looks cute too.”

Other key features:
• Gentle and comfortable to use, with nine personalised levels of expression and massage each
• No reverse flow of breast milk
• Comes with breast shields of three different sizes for the perfect fit
• Includes a breast shield cover to maintain hygiene, and a bottle holder stand to prevent milk spillage
• Free of bisphenol A (BPA)

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