Helo Doktor: A new parenting talk show

A new talk show, Helo Doktor is in town (on TV3 more precisely!) and fun-celebrity mum, Yasmin Hani plays host.  The show which is set to be relaxed yet informative, takes on important key issues in relation to children and parenting. Helo Doktor is a live broadcast show airing every Friday at 11.30am.


The first episode in the first week of March, discussed about ‘Children in Social Media’  and featured Professor with Dr. Rozieta Shaary, a family expert. They discussed and shared information on the factors and problems associated with the exploitation of children in social media by their own parents. They also discussed matters regarding children who are now inclined to misuse social media and share the best measures parents can take to solve this issue.

The second episode discussed the issue of children and stress. Guests Dr. Noor Aishah Rosli, a Child Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer from University of Malaya’s Educational Psychology Department, and Sazzy Falak were present to share their views.

Your Questions, Answered

For parents who have questions regarding the topic of the week, can call in during the live broadcast to ask experts their questions. To find out what topics will be covered for the week, you will need to visit, TV3 Malaysia’s Facebook page every Thursday to find out.

For those who are looking for ways to communicate with kids, and may be facing parenting challenges, Helo Doktor may be you’re your best choice to further improve and understand various issues better.

For more information on Helo Doktor, visit www.tv3.com.my

Article by : Catherine Lee Jia Ching

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