5 Essential Tips for Traveling with Kids

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The excitement of a holiday is often overshadowed by the apprehension of bringing the kids along. Your children may surprise you by being rather good travelers but it pays to get organized. Here are a few pointers from Dr Kerry Vivienne Jayaprakasam, General Pediatrics from Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur, to prepare yourself for a fun and stress free travel with the kids.



Call the airline and let them know there will be a baby on board. Many international flights will need the infant to be at least a week old before they are allowed to travel. Request for a bassinet if you are travelling with an infant. Most bassinets are only suitable for babies between 10 to 12 kg and are limited in number. If your kidsĀ is used to sleeping in her own car seat, it may be worthwhile to bring it along but you would need to book a separate seat for her. Do check that it complies with the aviation requirements of the airlines.

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