The Effects of Divorce on Children

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Your Role as a Parent

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Sometimes, the kids blame themselves for the divorce, and this guilt can be carried forward well into adulthood. “The kids are growing up and they’re not stupid, they need to know. You must give them the assurance that just because you don’t get along with their father any more, it doesn’t mean you don’t love them,” he says.

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The custody process may seem frightening to start with, but Dato’ Arunan says that in most cases,
mothers are granted custody of the children up till their teenage years – as long as the mother is capable physically, mentally, and emotionally.

“Stay-at-home mums often worry about the financial burden they may have to take on when they get custody of the children. But they don’t need to, because they can make an application to the court to request that the ex-husband pays for maintenance of the household and the children,” he clarifies.

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Saving Your Marriage

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Dato’ Dr Arunan Selvaraj is the founder and managing partner of Messrs. Rusmah Arunan & Associates. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from England, a Masters of Business Administration from Hawaii, and a Doctorate in Family Law from Ireland.  He was called to the Malaysian Bar and admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor at the High Court of Malaya in 1992. Entering his 25th year of practice, Dato Dr Arunan Selvaraj has attained a knack and forte in the practice area of Matrimonial and Family Law via his excellent touch in matters concerning Adoption, Child Custody, Divorce (Joint Petition and Contested) Guardianship, Spousal Maintenance, and Property Division to name a few.

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