The Effects of Divorce on Children

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Getting a divorce can be messy, stressful and devastating – really taking a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. More so when kids are added to the mix. Dato’ Dr Arunan, a lawyer and the author of Saving Your Marriage, gives us a better perspective as to how parents should handle their divorce.

“More than one third of men and women ended up divorced or separated within the first 5 years of their first marriage.” – Fifth Malaysian Population and Family Survey 2014, Jun 2016

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The most trouble-free route is a mutual divorce, where both parties agree on all terms and work together to find solutions that will benefit them both. Dato’ Arunan says that children nowadays are more mature and can understand what’s going on. “It’s actually unhealthy for children to see conflicts and physical fights between their parents – it’s very traumatising,” he says. “It’s important to not fight in front of your children. You should also sit down with your ex-partner and discuss how you are going to break the news to the children.”

Watch Dato’ Dr Aunan and our other experts –Dr Anjli, Katyana and Dynas — talk about divorce and parenting in a Hang Out with Her World session.

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Saving Your Marriage

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Dato’ Dr Arunan Selvaraj is the founder and managing partner of Messrs. Rusmah Arunan & Associates. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from England, a Masters of Business Administration from Hawaii, and a Doctorate in Family Law from Ireland.  He was called to the Malaysian Bar and admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor at the High Court of Malaya in 1992. Entering his 25th year of practice, Dato Dr Arunan Selvaraj has attained a knack and forte in the practice area of Matrimonial and Family Law via his excellent touch in matters concerning Adoption, Child Custody, Divorce (Joint Petition and Contested) Guardianship, Spousal Maintenance, and Property Division to name a few.

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