Letters From A Mom Abroad – The Introduction…

My name is Terrina Hussein. I was born in Malaysia to a very calm Greek-Australian mother and an authoritarian Malay father. My haphazard, cross cultured upbringing gave me just enough dysfunction to make me somewhat amusing, but not certifiable.

In what now feels like another life, I was an entertainment writer and columnist for Malay Mail, and part time writer for a multitude of newspapers and magazines, until I had my first child Isabel in 2007, prompting a move to Ontario, Canada a year later and into my new job as a stay at home mom to two kids.

My 10 year old Isabel has time consuming ADD and ODD, which consequently leads to my 7 year old Sofia being ignored and having major attention seeking issues. I constantly walk that fine line between telling myself I have so got this, and breaking down in the closet with a glass of wine.

The pressure to be a perfect parent is suffocating, and more importantly, unrealistic. We trap ourselves into thinking we should know what to do. But why should we? We were never parents, until we were. It is a learning process, a work in progress. Yet it’s still taboo to acknowledge our own parental shortcomings. We’re still pretending in public and crying in private. We need to find what works for us and own it, screw the judgement.

Once I figure out just how to do that, I’ll let you know. For now though, sit back and enjoy the ride …

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Signing off,

Terrina Hussein


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