6 Tips To Make Flying With Kids Easier

When it comes to travelling with children, it’s always better to be overprepared rather than underprepared because you never know what could happen. Bethaney Davies, the author of flashpackerfamily.com who has spent the last decade travelling full-time, shares what she’s learnt from globetrotting with two toddlers.

  1. Always ask check-in staff and flight attendants if there are unoccupied seats on board which you could use. You’ll find flying with your kids a lot easier if you’re able to spread out on board.
  2. Pack some of their favourite books, toys, or games for the flight. Hide these for a few days before the flight so they’ll be excited to see them again when you take them out during the flight.
  3. Try to get as much energy out of your kids before boarding the plane. Let them run around at the departure gate to burn off excess energy, and save the quiet toys and iPad for the flight. Avoid giving them sugary snacks and drinks both before and during the flight.
  4. Get enough rest before the flight. You won’t be able to watch movies or relax with a drink, as you’ll have to keep your kids happy and entertained.
  5. If your child needs a stroller, bring a small folding stroller instead of a large jogging one as it’s much easier to manage when travelling. Babies do best in a carrier or sling.
  6. You’ll have a much easier time at the airport or train station, and during taxi rides. Stick with just one suitcase and invest in packing cubes or luggage organisers, so everyone in your family can have their own.

*This article first appeared in Her World May 2015 and was written by Carmen Chow

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