5 Ways To Stop Your Kid From Lying

If you’ve been noticing that your little ones have a tendency to tell fibs, here are some ways to steer them in the right direction:

  1. Make your punishments less harsh

    It may seem counter-intuitive, but if they’re afraid of harsh punishments, they’ll be lying their way through to get out of situations they know will get them into trouble. So, make sure they understand instead the consequences of their actions and why what they did was wrong.

  2. Be more aware of your reactions

    Sometimes, kids are afraid that their actions will upset you or make you sad. So, ensure that they’ll be more willing to come to you with the truth by not over-reacting.

  3. Try to be more understanding

    Lying doesn’t necessarily come from a bad place at times – your child may be conveying what they’re wishing or hoping for. Be more patient and try to keep communication open and clear. These ‘lies’ should slowly fade away as they grow up.

  4. Don’t corner your child

    There are times when you ask your child a question and it’s evident that there is only one favourable answer to it, such as, “Do you like the present?” Social conventions would dictate that the polite thing to do would be to say, “Yes”. Try asking open ended questions instead and make it clear that you’ll respect whatever opinion or thought they have on the matter.

  5. Practise what you preach

    Kids will often emulate and pick up what their surrounding adults do, especially parents! So, make sure you check that you aren’t on a lying path as well.

*Source: Brightside.me

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