4 Simple Ways to Bond With Your Kids

These mums share how they bond with their children through activities that cost little or nothing!

photo credit: ingimage


“Our favourite activity involves me telling them horror stories and spooking them out. My kids dig ghost stories. We would lie in bed together and they will have the pillows to their faces just in case I make some really nasty faces. They retell the stories to their schoolmates to freak them out, and collect stories from their friends and tell them to me too.”

– Suhana Basiam, 37, a teacher with two daughters


“My daughter and I are Korean drama fans and we’d share information on the latest dramas available and watch them together. Sometimes,we cook a meal together for the family. To de-stress, we would have home facials and lie down in either one of our rooms with facial masks and then enjoy a manicure and pedicure together.”

– Susan Phua, 47, a lecturer with a 13-year-old daughter


“On weekends, I make sure that we get up early and go for breakfast together as a family. Once the washing machine is done, we hang the clothes on the line together while having girlie talks. Sometimes we do our meal plan for the week as well. At night we usually allocate 20 minutes of family time before bed to chat with her on her wellbeing for the day, school and so forth. Any grudges are voiced out then as well.”

– Eva-Rodericks-Phun, an administratoion executive with a 14-year-old daughter


“Since both my husband and I operate a restaurant on our own, we try our best to involve our kids in our work as a form of bonding. They learn to write orders, count money and speak to customers, which have instilled some self-confidence and responsibilities in them.”

-Lin Elier, 34, make-up artist and restaurateur with 2 kids