10 Fun Mother-Daughter Date Ideas

Instead of giving a gift this Mother’s Day, give a “gift” of experience. We can assure you that most moms would much rather spend time with their daughters than opening a gift. Here are 11 ideas for some wonderful Mother-Daughter Dates:


photo credit: livestrong.com


1. Mani/Pedi session

What mother-daughter doesn’t love a little pampering time with the girls? Head out for a mani/pedi together and enjoy each other’s company.


2. Go for a mother-daughter movie date

Check out the latest Rom-Com titles near you. Or better yet, buy a packet of snacks back home, put your favourite movie on TV and enjoy.


3. Girls night out

Grab a nice dinner after getting dolled up. There’s nothing better than a little GNO as a mother-daughter duo!


4. Get active

Bring your daughter along for a jog, a side-by-side power walk, a class at the gym, or whatever other fitness fun suits your fancy.


5. Go somewhere you two haven’t been

Whether it’s an art exhibit or a local theatre performance, go somewhere you haven’t been to explore your interests.


6. Grab ice-cream together

Because calories don’t count when you’re spending time with your favorite girl!


7. Spa day

Schedule appointments for two on a weekend afternoon. It’s a fun opportunity to indulge yourselves in some girl time.


8. Make something together

Sometimes staying home is the easiest and best way to bond.Get creative and do something together. Be it a painting or a tray of cupcakes, you’ll have plenty of fun together.


9. Day trip

Take advantage of a sunny weekend afternoon, and take a meandering drive down a scenic stretch near your home, either with a drivable destination in mind or just an openness for adventure!


10. Brunch time

This weekend, skip brunch or lunch with your gal pals, and instead take your special little lady out for a date a deux. A one-on-one meal is a great opportunity to get her to open up on what’s happening at school, in her social circle, and more.