Simple Ways to Save RM100

Divide and conquer

An easy way to ensure your savings don’t disappear by the end of the month is to divide your paycheck. Ask if your human resources department could split your salary and deposit a certain percentage into your second bank account. A current account typically pays a higher interest than the basic savings account.

Personalise your scent

If you like your home to smell floral and fresh, save a few ringgit by making your own air freshener. All you need is a clean Mason jar with a removable lid, baking soda, scrapbook paper, and your choice of essential oil. First, take the lid off the Mason jar and trace out a circle on the scrapbook paper using the inner lid. Cut the circle out and pierce small holes in it using a needle. Make sure the jar is dry, then fill it with half a cup of baking soda and essential oil. Cover the opening with paper and seal with the jar’s outer ring. Slowly shake it to mix the baking soda with the oil. Simple!

Savings buddies

So you do not have the discipline to save money, but need to do so for an upcoming vacation. Why not get yourself a savings buddy? The idea is to find a trustworthy friend who can help you be more conscious of not only your spending, but also your savings. She doesn’t mind sharing meals with you, and reminds you to set aside a certain amount each week towards your holiday – and you return the favour by doing the same for her!

Leftover lunches

Cook a little bit extra when you’re preparing your family’s dinner. This way, you save time on preparing a meal for the next day, as you can take what’s leftover with you to work for lunch. Little tweaks to the dish will make it even easier to bring to the office. For example, if you are roasting chicken, add extra pieces of drumstick along with the whole bird. Once cooled, shred the chicken drumsticks and use the meat to make a sandwich for the next day.


This article first appeared in Her World Malaysia 2016

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