Her World’s Spa Review: Tanjong Jara Resort

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With that done, we soon found ourselves out of our wet clothes and on the massage beds. Unlike most massages, we started face-up with the masseuses kneading the tired soles of our feet with firm pressure, slowly making their way up. What bliss – as my masseuse’s deft fingers gently melted away any tension as she rubbed my temples.

Asked to turn over soon enough, our back muscles were stretched and kneaded with long, firm strokes – strong pressure for myself, whilst my partner preferred a slightly lighter touch. With the soothing scent of oils permeating the air, we found ourselves slowly adrift – slipping in and out of cosy consciousness.

Barely registering the next step in my sleepy daze, they slathered my hair with a thick mixture of natural herbs and ingredients – before promptly wrapping a towel around my locks – allowing the concoction to work its lustrous magic.

My masseuse then turned her attention towards my face – beginning by wiping down my skin with cold cotton pads. Applying an invigorating concoction made from rice powder, turmeric, and galangal – she explained while buffing it into my skin that this would help slough away dead cells. And for moisture, a yogurt and honey mask quickly followed – ending with a cooling aloe vera mixture to calm the skin down after the scrub.

Rest assured, our bodies weren’t neglected as they covered us in the same scrub formula they had used on our faces – cocooning us in layers of towels to let it all sink in for about 15 minutes. Once it had dried down, they scrubbed every inch of our bodies clean – asking us to rinse off in either an enclosed or open shower (both options are viable here).

Nice and clean now, we were soon led to a little corner (almost like a secret man-made cavern) to soak in the warm waters of an herbal bath sprinkled with colourful pops of flowers. This was especially lovely as we were left to our own devices – basking in each other’s company to the peaceful sounds of nature.

The last part of our treatment involved us sitting for 15 minutes in a portable sauna, also known as ukup wangi as the attendants fed the steamers with a natural mixture that included rose water and kafir line that was meant to help with water retention and detoxification. After zipping us out of the bags, we were greeted with cold face towels and bottles of water to help us refresh. All too soon, our session came to an end and we could only look on in envy as we returned to the spa’s reception (where they served us hot tea and sweet dates) as other individuals were only just about to begin their treatment!

Walking away with nothing less than glowing skin, silky locks, and well-rested features, it was definitely one of the best spas we’ve ever had. So, if you do find yourself travelling to the East Coast, and Terengganu in particular, you won’t want to miss out on Tanjong Jara where the staff are always cheerful smiles with an ever-pleasant demeanour and you’ll be treated to a blissful experience of a lifetime.


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