Her World’s Spa Review: Tanjong Jara Resort

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Very few places in the world can rival the hospitality that the YTL group is renowned for and while Pangkor Laut Resort may remain one of its more popular establishments (you can read our review of their spa HERE) both locally and internationally – Tanjong Jara Resort is its quieter and more intimate sister. So, on a recent trip there, my partner and I couldn’t resist indulging in one of their most opulent treatments: the couple’s spa.

With a running theme that is Unmistakably Malay (from the resort’s activities to its interior) – you can be sure that their spa’s treatments call to mind what Malay royalties used to luxuriate in.

Housed amongst lush vegetation and gurgling water features, the Tanjong Jara Spa Village exudes a certain wooden rustic charm and is a tranquil sanctuary to behold. Asked to fill up a form regarding any health concerns and the sort of pressure we preferred, we were soon served a refreshing glass of iced herbal drink to ease us into a relaxing mood.

With formalities out of the way, we were soon led through winding pebbled paths till we arrived at our treatment house named Mawar. Lofty, spacious, and elegantly designed with high walls to keep from prying eyes – privacy is one of their best-kept treasures here.

As with any YTL spa, each session begins with a unique ritual and the one here is a 7-flower water bath where attendants will rinse you with cups of flower-scented water as they chant their blessings with key phrases such as for happiness, longevity, love, and so on. The last cup, however, is reserved for you to make a personal wish before emptying its contents over your head.

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