What’s Your Life Colour Personality?

If you haven’t picked up our June issue yet, make sure you do as we interview Colour Therapist, Eveleyn Leong to find out how you can incorporate colour into your life and find success! But if you’d like to get to know yourself better, find out what your life colour is and check out the positive and negative traits associated with it.

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Your major life colour will dictate your most prominent and dominant characteristics of your personality. But you’ll also find yourself exhibiting some of your minor colour qualities at some point in time.

To calculate the first, simply write down your birthdate and add the singular numbers together until you arrive at just one digit. For example: 27th of August 1990 translates into 2 + 7 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 36; 3 + 6 = 9. Therefore, the final number is 9 and you’ll find the corresponding major life colour to the right. It’s important to note that when in sync with your own colour, you’ll exhibit its positive traits; but when out of sync, the negative qualities of your personality will surface.

To find out your minor, look at the first double or single digit of your birthdate and add them up accordingly. For example: 27th of August 1990 translates into 2+7 = 9. The number for the minor colour is also 9.

1. Red

Positive traits:  Honest, loyal, trustworthy, practical
Negative traits: Forceful, insensitive, domineering, argumentative

2. Orange

Positive traits: Pragmatic, sporty, humorous, optimistic
Negative traits: Lazy, over-indulgent, dependent, selfish

3. Yellow

Positive traits: Bright, fun-loving, creative, sensitive
Negative traits: Stubborn, rebellious, short-sighted

4. Green

Positive traits: Analytical, strong-willed, balanced, quick thinker
Negative traits: Judgemental, demanding, possessive, impatient

5. Blue

Positive traits: Sincere, good communicator, peaceful
Negative traits: Emotional, self-victimising, temperamental

6. Violet

Positive traits: Passionate, inspiring, understanding, independent
Negative traits: Possessive, demanding, jealous, arrogant

7. Indigo

Positive traits: Honest, intuitive, sensitive, peacemaker
Negative traits: Withdrawn, disorientated, isolated, impatient

8. Magenta

Positive traits: Intelligent, non-conformist, creative, innovative
Negative traits: Fear of commitment, low self-esteem, volatile mood swings

9. Gold

Positive traits: Positive, loving, authentic, trustworthy
Negative traits:
Over confident, self-righteous, highly opinionated

*The information above was from Evelyn Leong’s book, Your Success Life Colour

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