Can Salmon Help You Get Pregnant?

You will be surprised at how significantly the types of food you consume can influence your chances of getting pregnant.



Bursting with Omega-3 fatty acids, this fi sh is a winner with the ‘eggs’. Omega-3 helps regulate your reproductive hormones and increase blood fl ow to reproductive organs, and helps minimize stress, too.


It’s hard to believe full fat and creamy dairy products are one of the best foods for boosting fertility but it’s true. Not to mention, dairy fat helps the ovaries work well. So tuck in and have ice cream, full-fat yogurt and whole milk to ensure you get your daily dose of calcium, which is equally important. However researches advise that you don’t take more than one serving a day to ensure you don’t gain unnecessary weight


It’s funny how berries keep popping up on every dietitian’s recommended list but maybe that’s because these little fruits are full of antioxidants, something which is also much needed for women hoping to maintain their fertility. The berry family, which includes blueberries and raspberries, can help you protect your body’s cells, including your eggs and prevent them from damage and ageing. Studies have also shown that berries help to keep your partner’s sperm  strong and healthy.

Hey, no harm trying right?


Why go for white bread when you can go for the whole-grain stuff? A healthy diet should include one that is high in fi bre to ensure a good pregnancy outcome. Stay away from white, refined carbohydrates which can cause your blood sugar to spike and have a negative influence on your reproductive hormones and menstrual cycle.


Pile up on meat such as chicken, beef and turkey but lay off the fatty bits. What you need is to pump up your iron intake,
which is imperative when you are trying to conceive. Studies have shown that women with enough iron in their diet tend to be more fertile than those who lack it. Vegetarians should snack on beans and tofu instead.

Best of luck!

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