6 Ways To Stop Checking Your Phone Like An Addict

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The average smartphone user checks their phone a whopping 110 times a day. 


A little too attached to your phone? Let’s be honest sometimes it’s just highly impossible to function and survive without our phone. However, have you noticed that your these phones are literally masters of distraction and they can take your attention away from just about anything instantly and consistently.

It’s as if you’re on autopilot mode, jumping from your Instgram page to reading a comment on Facebook in a blink of an eye and not really ever paying enough attention to the experiences happening right in front of you.

It is not that you are totally oblivious to what is going on, but being disrupted by your phone, you are just not nearly as engaged as you could be.

Hence, bid adieu to your real-life interaction.

We need to get rid of this seemingly out of control addiction, and we found some simple everyday tips to help you kick the habit.

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