3 Unique Wellness Retreats

These days you can really take a holiday that can enhance your wellness with your stay at the resort or hotel. Here are three amazingly zen places you can plan to visit!

1. Banyan Tree, Macau 

Credits: galaxymacau.com

Credits: galaxymacau.com

Known as The Land of Fortunes, allow the Banyan Tree Spa to quietly surprise you with a moment of tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of a 24/7 entertainment city. Taking on a holistic approach – inspired by traditional Asian healing therapies – the ‘Tropical Rainmist’ treatment is especially welcome in the face of blistering heat. Treating your back to the soothing pitter patter of raindrops, you’ll soon feel the unknotting of tension in your shoulders with the heat from a luxurious steam bath. Next, comes the most difficult part – choosing between two lavish experiences.

The ‘Radiant Rainmist’ treatment features a scrub mix of dried chrysanthemum, honey, and lime juice – blended with soya milk – leaving you with the softest skin imaginable. This is swiftly followed by massage of your choice before ending with a revitalising facial to restore that glow. Or choose the ‘Tranquility Rainmist’ and be transported to another land as warm liquids are poured over your forehead in this age-old Ayurvedic therapy. Then, unwind with a massage before a hair shampooing treatment – leaving you with a renewed body and silky locks for a spot of heavy duty shopping – inevitable as you’ll receive a Banyan Tree Gallery shopping voucher worth MOP500 (approximately RM255) with a purchase of the ‘Tropical Rainmist’ spa treatment from now till the end of September.

2. Amankila, Bali

Credits: whereintheworldisparadise.com

Credits: whereintheworldisparadise.com

This September, escape to Amankila in Bali – a cliff-sde beach resort boasting breathtaking views of the Lombok Strait – to enhance your wellbeing from inside out. Focusing on a healthy mind as much as a healthy body – sign up for either a three or seven-night group ‘Alignment and Awareness’ retreat. Each day will see you stretching it out with a 60-minute morning group yoga or Qigong session, two to three 60-minute specialist sessions, and a 45-minute evening Yoga Nidra or meditation, along with an array of relaxing body or foot massages. Coming with fresh, healthy, and detoxifying juices as well, calm will be restored to your mind by the time you leave this haven.

3. Aman, Venice

Aman Canal Grande Venice - Canal Sunset

Credits: Aman Resorts

If your skin has been looking a little lacklustre and sallow of late, how about signing up for a four day retreat – ‘The Healing Art of Beauty’ – with Susan Cinimelli against the beautiful backdrop of Aman Venice – as she imparts her beauty and nutrition secrets to attaining that mesmerising glow? Understanding the concept of ‘you are what you eat’, you’ll be treated to three bespoke meals – ingredients picked specifically for their healing and purifying qualities. And for those who love their glass of red – organic wines are also available. Guests will also luxuriate in an authentic Italian spa experience exclusive to Aman Venice – reaping the exfoliating, lymph-draining, and detoxifying benefits of the salted waters from the spa town of Salsomaggiore. There will also be daily group movement sessions with holistic exercise techniques throw in the mix to improve your body’s balance and alignment. Never a dull moment, each day features walks around the poignant and romantic city – exploring canals, bridges, domes, and gilded spires. And when you finally retire to Aman, pamper yourself with foot treatments using Himalayan salt exfoliation and full body massages with a unique blend of essential oils.

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