3 Partner Workouts To Try With Your Husband

Let’s face it, workouts are always better when you have a buddy pushing you on, ensuring you don’t give up halfway in! But, we get it, finding time to squeeze in a sweat session when you have to juggle work and kids! Fret not, once the kids have gone to bed, why not set aside half an hour for these fun movements?

  1. Plank holds and burpees

    The premise is simple enough, while one person completes 15 reps of burpees, the other has to hold a plank for the entire duration, before swapping. Try doing 3 sets of this – especially since the burpee works the full body, so it’s going to be one of the most effective movements within the short period of time you have available for workouts. Plus, holding a plank will work your shoulders and tighten up your core.

  2. Back-to-back chair squats

    This is really fun to do, especially since you’ll need to communicate with your partner given the height difference, or you won’t be stable! Once you get the hang of it though, you’ll fall into an easy rhythm – which incidentally, may just be the thing you and your partner need to bond over – especially if you’re going to finish 50 reps of this (yes, 50!).

  3. Partner leg raises

    This will really, really work your core! Do make sure your back remains as flat as possible on the ground so that it’s not the one doing the work – this position will ensure it’s your core that’s engaged. When your legs go up, your partner will have to push them away and you have to make sure your legs never touch the ground before bouncing back up – start with gentle pushes at first. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, ask your partner to be more aggressive in their pushes – even upping the ante by pushing your legs in different directions! Start off with 10 reps first, if you feel you can manage, go for 15 or 20.

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