10 Healthy and Diet-Friendly Foods and Fruits

Find out which super-foods can help you build bones, fight diseases and even counter ageing.
10 Healthy and Diet-Friendly Foods and Fruits

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1. Dark green leafy vegetables
These iron-rich greens help build bones and red blood cells.

2. Red, yellow and green capsicums
Brimming with vitamin C, which gives us luscious locks and radiant skin.

3. Citrus fruits 
High in dietary fibre, vitamin C (to prevent illnesses) and phytonutrients (to reduce risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease). These are must-have multitaskers.

4. White dragon fruit
These potassium-rich fruits help manage blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

5. Berries
Top sources of disease-fighting antioxidants.

6. ‘Oily’ fish
A dose of omega-3 fatty acids (read: good fats do exist!) for good heart health.

7. Dark chocolate (more than 70 per cent cocoa)
Yes, it’s true – chocolate is good for our hearts, fights ageing and satisfies occasional sugar cravings.

8. Low-fat diary products
Good sources of protein and calcium that keep our bones strong.

9. Tofu, soya milk and other soya bean products
Good sources of protein and phytoestrogens that ward against breast cancer.

10. Lean red meat
Offers protein, iron and zinc for supporting a healthy immune system.

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