Pampered Queen for a day

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The Meet Cute

A year ago, my boyfriend and I met on the idyllic island of Pangkor Laut Resort, all geared up to take part in a mini-triathlon, known as The Chapman’s Challenge. One year later, we found ourselves waking to the glorious sounds of waves lapping at our verandah once more. If you’re looking for romance in the lap of luxury, we guarantee that the Raja Sehari experience here will forever forth redefine what it means to be pampered.

img_8251                                         Breakfast by the beach

Beginning with a splendid breakfast at Emerald Bay, we tucked into cheese and fruits; delectably glazed pastries; fresh salads; tropical fruits; and tea before the rest of the world stirred – watching streaks of vermillion and amber cream being poured into the quiet sky. After polishing off every tasty crumble, we set foot on their 500-metre jungle trail with their resident naturalist, which saw us taking in the beauty of the island – complete with pangolins and wild boars. Working up quite the sweat, we returned to the beach to plant our very own tree together – a green memento that would flourish and grow tall in years to come. Next stop: paradise.

img_8266                                        Planting our sea apple tree

Stepping into The Spa Village, we were greeted by clusters of wooden huts and pavilions for treatments while luscious herb gardens, frangipani trees, and soothing water features dot the grounds. To while away lazy afternoons in private and for couples to cuddle away, spa patrons are invited to climb into one of their many cozy gazebos. But if you prefer to catch up on some much-needed reading, lounge on the day beds at the library before a quick dip in their cooling lap pool.

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