Here’s How TUMI Can Change The Way You Travel

Travelling, a joyous festivity that many enjoy but a chore when it comes to packing.

Packing is hard work — no matter how often you travel. While the idea is to bring as little items as possible, you’ll also have to make sure you have enough to last through the holiday. Plus, there are excess baggage charges to worry about. The best way to pack for your travels really seems to depend on your personality and lifestyle.

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Ease the burden of travelling (literally) with TUMI’s lightest luggage collection ever, the V3. It’s designed with a multi-layer polycarbonate shell to weight as little as possible, so you can comfortably pack what you need within the luggage weight limit. Quality and durability is also crucial, so the exterior and interior is built to last the distance without neglecting a sleek look.

Choose your pick from their full range of carry-on and check-in sizes: International, Continental Carry-Ons, plus the Short Trip and Large Trip Packing Cases, which have expansions built in for additional packing capacity. While our favourite is the Pacific Blue design, it also comes in Black, White, and prints — Gallery Floral and Blue Camo — to match your travel style.

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