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Don’t you feel an overwhelming feeling of Malaysian pride when one of your own is making big in the international scene? So, how can you elevate our very own homegrown talents to their highest potential? It is to support them by watching these theater shows and TV series!

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1. Harith Iskander’s debut on Netflix

Netflix has debut its very first local original comedy production from Southeast Asia with Malaysia’s very own renowned comedian, Harith Iskander.

In Harith Iskander’s stand-up comedy special “I Told You So,” the Malaysian “Godfather of Stand-up Comedy” takes the stage with his distinctly Southeast Asian blend of humor, tackling everything from family drama, awkward dating experiences, to social and cultural issues that a lot of Malaysians and Singaporeans encounter on a daily basis in his one-hour special.

In addition to Harith Iskander, Netflix is also bringing Singaporean comedian Fakkah Fuzz and Malaysian stand-up artist Kavin Jay to global screens in early 2018.

The three comedy specials and will premiere in all Netflix territories around the world on the following dates:

  • Harith Iskander’s “I Told You So” on January 19
  • Fakkah Fuzz’s “Almost Banned” on January 26
  • Kavin Jay’s “Everybody Calm Down!” on February 2.

Watch the trailer here:

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