The Catalogue Every Home Needs!

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Themed ‘Make Room for Life’, the Catalogue highlights new ways of living in the living room to help customers create more out of their space. With this year’s Catalogue, IKEA is asking Malaysians to reclaim their space for friends, celebrations, play and nature – four pillars that are essential for a better life at home.

“In the 2018 IKEA Catalogue, we want to inspire Malaysians to look beyond the constraints of space and make room for the important things in their lives. We understand that the way people meet, socialise and live has changed – especially in the living room. Hence, our well-designed, affordable and sustainable solutions not only cater to their functional needs but also their emotional well-being,” said Gerard Jansen, speaking on behalf of IKEA Malaysia at the launch.

Meet Yanjaa, The Human Catalogue!

And this year’s catalogue is even more special because of the first ever IKEA Human Catalogue and an award-winning memory-athlete – Yanjaa Wintersoul. To celebrate the launch of the 2018 IKEA Catalogue, she memorised all 328 pages in one week!

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