Give Your Kitchen and Wardrobes A Makeover

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In the past, the focus of a beautiful home was usually on the exterior. But these days, you’re just as likely to see pictures of beautiful kitchens and wardrobes on social media.

While some homeowners know exactly what they’re looking for, others find it helpful to look up images for reference.

Regardless, it’s good to keep in mind that your preferences, plus how you wish to utilize the space, will affect the final design — and vice versa.

Experience and quality you can trust

When balancing budgeting and your idea of a dream home, the last thing you’ll want is complications in the design and renovation process.

A name you can rely on is Signature. With more than 23 years of experience and trusted quality, it leads the way with the latest concepts and designs — both for your kitchen and wardrobe. Want that gorgeous aesthetic you saw on a TV show? They’re the people to call!

Signature’s customised design software and specially inspired themes aim to maximise available space in a visually stunning way.

For your kitchen

ARTE: ‘classic’ in a modern composition.

The white, high-gloss surfaces exudes lightness. Enhanced by the classy, artistic veins of the white marble quartz, it achieves a timeless look. The elegant tall units also combine functionality with style.

An island is also gaining popularity with kitchens taking on more of an open concept. One that’s stylish and sleek is a form of art, giving you the freedom of space and expression restricted by standard countertops.

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