Pair the Right Cream with your Dessert!

Did you know that whipped cream used to be known as ‘milk snow’ in the 17th century? If you love your creams topping of your cakes, frappes, ice creams and other desserts, you would be thrilled to know that there is less fat content compared to butter – less than 30%.

All about cream

We often use cream like pasteurised fresh single or double cream, sterilised liquid cream, low-fat cream, UHT cream, whipped cream, Chantilly cream, and sour cream for cooking and baking.

What makes it light, fluffy and just flavorful which makes pastry chefs flock to get their hands on European Cream. The fat content has the consistency in the milk production in Europe which is the crux for quality that is consistent and stable.

There are two types of cream:

  1. Liquid/Fluid Cream – Even the cream is cultured or aged, it will retain its fluid texture. It can be pasteurized or sterilized – like UHT cream – and either light or not.

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  2. Whipped cream – Even if its in a pressurized or aerosol packaging, it forms an aerated emulsion (how the cream combines with carbon dioxide, giving its light texture) and might contain additives, flavourings or dyes.

    Pic credit: The Merchant Baker

Be assured of what you pay is what you’re getting as European cream is produces under strict conditions using only premium quality milk and the exact rations of fat to water and non-fat elements – protein, lactose, minerals, and more – depending on the type of cream.

Add on your favourite texture of cream to your dessert and complete the taste of it, bringing together the harmony of it – light, fluffy and dense textures.

If you’re not sure where to start, watch the video by Cream of Europe featuring Chef Bruno Menard, a Michelin Star chef from France!

Get to know more about Cream of Europe here on their website!

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