Nope, Macaron Isn’t Macaroon

It’s high time we set the record straight

The word “macaron” isn’t an alternate spelling of macaroon.

Two very different cookies, two very different appearances, flavors, and recipes—but with remarkably similar names. So how do differentiate it again?



Macaron, with a single “o,” are flat meringue-like French cookies made with almond flour and egg whites, sandwiched around ganache, jam, or a cream-based filling.

Macaroon is the American word for a dense, chewy, flour less cookie, usually made with coconut. It can also include nuts or nut paste.

Also made with egg whites, macaroons are often served for dessert at Passover celebrations because they usually don’t contain flour.

We found this info-graphic that might help you digest things better.

Source : Chowhound and Chef Steps


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