What You Need To Know About Dengue

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Allied Against Dengue is a coalition of 15 partners across three countries including governments, healthcare practitioners, and private institutions from Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

It aims to empower healthcare providers, organisations and communities with the right information about dengue, and reduce the disease’s impact on each country. To do this, the coalition has revealed the results of its South East Asia Dengue Survey.

How dengue affects Malaysians:

  • 77% consider it to be a serious disease, and 64% believe that it is a concern in their community
  • 80% are worried about it, but less than a third feel prepared and in control
  • Those affected with it took an average of 8 days off work, which is higher than the regional average of 7.4 days
  • Those who have had to care for an immediate family member affected with dengue took an average of 6.2 days off work — higher than the regional average of 5.8 days
  • 33% believe there is a cure, when there isn’t
  • 49% feel that they do not have sufficient information about dengue, and 87% are interested to learn more

Click this link to view an infographic with survey results from the region: SEA Dengue Survey Infographic_13June_final_ZINC

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