Ministry of Tomorrow Wants To Stop Menstruphobia

How many times have we been told my mainstream media that our periods are something to be ashamed about? That little patch on your pants or that little red speck on your sheets? We have been brought up to hold our tongue and hide stains from plain sight – as if we should be ashamed of a woman’s natural bodily function.

Ministry of Tomorrow, a luxury Eco-Fashion house intends to stop this menstruphobia (menstrual phobia) by releasing a public service announcement campaign featuring a young woman doing yoga while bleeding on her menstrual cycle – alongside the launch of their latest vegan luxury bag collection – as women empowerment is a core MoT objective.

We know it can be a little jarring to watch at first, but as Julian Prolman, the founder and president of the Ministry of Tomorrow, says: “The menstrual cycle makes pregnancy possible and without it, none of us would be here. This is not a shameful affliction that needs to be hidden and secret, rather, it’s an event that reveals a woman’s energy and her power to create life.”




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