How to Make Sure Your Bust is Healthy

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How it develops

The first symptom of breast cancer that comes to mind is the evidence of lumps on your chest. However, not all lumps are cancerous, which is why it’s important to get them checked by a health professional.

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Lumps can form during your menstrual cycle, when the lobules in your breast enlarge, and over time they can become cancerous due to poor lymphatic circulation. According to the Texas Institute of Functional Medicines, massaging your breasts can help to flush out toxins from your body’s lymphatic system, resulting in healthier circulation.

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Bust Firming Oil

This minty, rejuvenating and warming essential oil has healing oxygenating properties and antiseptic protection. It is non-sticky and easily absorbed. Rub it in, using circular motions, every day from the neck down to the breasts to firm up the tissue that hold your ladies together.


Bust Volumn Oil

The best complement to the Bust Firming Oil as this  relaxing essential oil works to ease the mind and emotion, as its active ingredients stimulate natural bust expansion, without interfering with your normal glandular system.

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