Her World Eats Out : Delicious @ 1 Utama

Yes, Delicious it is

Under a new management that has grown Texas Chicken and San Francisco Coffee into many Malaysians’ favorites, Delicious is an elegant yet grand-chic family restaurant, where the ambitious individuals behind the new eatery desire to evoke in people upon entering the well-designed cafe.

We had the opportunity to experience the latest epicurean delights at the Malaysia’s first ‘Grand Café, if you’re ever around the area, do give it a go!

Located at 1 Utama, the whimsically-playful interior of the “Grand Café” is every Instagrammer’s dreams. Each corner, touched with a dash of green signifying flora and fauna, with its iconic image of birds fluttering merrily around the flowers on the wallpaper.

According to San May, Delicious worked hand-in-hand with a famous independent artist who understands the story of Delicious and the vision to portray, creating a lifestyle like no other and inspiring for their guests.

Just Keep Swimmin’, RM 45

Besides that, you’ll noticed that their menu carries the same aesthetics as their cafe, followed by quirky and playful names of the distinctive dishes … it’s one of things that you just can’t miss.

‘Sawa-duck-ka Salad’ – shredded duck confit meat served with fresh Thai herbs and greens, ‘Duck Con-fit for a King’ – a pleasant nourishing pasta of duck confit, ‘Just Keep Swimmin’ – fresh Atlantic Salmon drizzled with an impeccable Hollandaise Sauce, and among others gleefully enjoyed by the crowd.

Dibs on the Beef Ribs, RM 55



Tim’s Damn Good Mee Goreng Mamak, RM 30

“Birds are our significant symbol of Delicious which will forever be there. We associate them with families, friends, beauty and the love to sing. They are also essential to the ecology of our world today, and they symbolize what the Delicious group stands for.”

For more information on the new Delicious, log on to www.thedeliciousgroup.com


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