5 Eating Out Hacks For A Healthier Diet

Lydia Phua, a nutritionist at Healthworks Mont Kiara suggests these tips when you dine out next:

  1. Skip the basket of bread and order bruschetta if possible. Topped with fresh tomatoes, these tiny toasts help keep your portions in check.
  2. If the basket of freshly baked bread is too tempting to pass up, skip butter and dip the bread lightly in olive oil – it’ll taste just as good.
  3. Ask for any sauces or dressings to be served on a separate dish, so you can control how much goes into your meal.
  4. Vegetables that are served on the side are often sauteed with oil or a slick of butter. Request for steamed vegetables instead if you’re watching your diet.
  5. Drink wine instead of cocktails, which are essentially a mix of liqueurs and syrups that quickly add up in calories.

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