3 Easy 10-Minute Workouts To Blast Fat

Indulged in one too many meals this festive season? Check out these three simple workouts that will help nudge and kickstart your fitness routine again. Most importantly, these will get your heart rate up and help you lose fat!

1. Burpees Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM)

Ah, the burpee – a real pain but the quickest way to squeeze in a full body workout! We know, we know – it can be a drag. So, to make it less daunting, for 10 minutes, you’ll be doing 5 burpees every minute. This means you’ll clock in a total of 50 burpees by the end of it.  Those who wish to up the challenge can increase the number of burpees done per minute, or if you’d like to switch it up further – do burpee tuck jumps instead!

2. Plank Shoulder Taps and Squat Jumps

This workout’s a good way to stabilise and strengthen your core and shoulders. 10 minutes of just this movement can be a bit too much – so alternate between movements. For the 1st minute, do plank shoulder taps; for the 2nd minute, do squat jumps (just squat till your hips are below parallel and jump up as high as you can – that is one rep); for the 3rd minute, back to plank shoulder taps; and so on so forth till the 10th minute.

3. Jump Rope and Mountain Climbers

Invest in a skipping rope and learn how to do double-leg jumps (if you don’t already know how to). Try to keep your arms as close to your body as possible – as if your armpits are clamping down on something. This ensures the movement comes from your wrist rotations. Then, it’s all about practising that coordination. Remember that both legs should take off and land on the ground. For the 1st minute, skip as quickly as possible; for the 2nd minute, drop and do mountain climbers; for the 3rd minute, pick up your rope once more. you can always incorporate skipping into other workouts!


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