Get Your Kids Speaking Like a Pro

Sometimes it’s difficult to have conversations with your little ones. You might want your child to be speaking like Mila over here. Check out the video below!

So we have a few ideas on what kind of questions you can ask to spur the conversation no matter the age.


  1. What made you happy today?
  2. Was anyone being kind today at school? What did they do?
  3. Did you learn something new today? What did you learn?
  4. Did you share your snack with anyone? If yes, who?
  5. Did you like your lunch?
  6. If you are the teacher, what would you like to teach your students?
  7. Did you make anyone laugh today? What did you do?
  8. What made you feel loved?
  9. Tell me what was your top two favourite things that happened today?
  10. What book are you reading?

The questions here are not exhaustive and you can prepare your own questions to tailor it to your kids. As you have more conversations with them, they’ll build more confidence to speak out their mind and you’ll build trust, so in the future, they’ll be able to just tell you everything and anything!




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