How To Pair Your Wines

Master the art of food and wine pairing with these helpful tips from Chris Hatcher, chief winemaker of Wolf Blass.

1. Cuvee Brut

Pair with: Anything except red meat and sweet items

2. Traminer Riesling

Pair with: Cheese and appetisers

3. Shiraz

Pair with: Meat with a strongly flavoured sauce

4. Moscato

Pair with: Desserts, cheese, or antipasti

5. Riesling

Pair with: Starters like oysters

6. Chardonnay

Pair with: Poultry with light sauce

7. Merlot

Pair with: Richly sauced dishes like steak or even fish

8. Cabernet Shiraz Malbec

Pair with: Red meat with a heavier sauce

9. Sauvignon Blanc

Pair with: White meat ranging from shellfish to chicken and pork


*This article first appeared in Her World January 2017 and was written by Stephanie Yap

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