5 Hotel Room Exercise Moves

While travelling brings out the wanderlust in us, there’s nothing we hate more than how it disrupts our fitness routine. Feeling sluggish and bloated? You aren’t imagining things as our body no longer gets that shot of endorphins it has become accustomed to. Some travels permit us to lace up our shoes and go for a run but if you’re on tour – you’ll know the drill of reaching your hotel room late in the night, exhausted. Well, fret not, we’ve got you covered with these few exercise moves to get your heart pumping and blood rushing without having to leave your room!

  1. Burpees

    While many might have a love-hate relationship with this movement, we can’t deny that it gives you a full body workout and helps to tone you up at the same time. To burn fat, you’ll need to get your heart rate up and nothing does it faster than dropping and firing out 25 reps.

  2. Jump squats

    We love our air squats because they help tone our legs and shape our glutes. But doing 30 in one go could prove to be a wee bit boring. So, throw cardio into the mix by jumping and landing in a squat – that’s one rep. Trust us, you’ll really feel the burn 15 reps in. And if you’d like to kick it up a notch, fill your water tumbler and hold it to your chest with both hands – turning it into a weight.

  3. Push-ups

    Remember to switch things up a bit and throw in some toning movements to break up the cardio – high intensity cardio all the way will probably leave you flat on your back with little motivation to continue. This movement will allow you to catch your breath while toning your arms, shoulders, and back. If you can’t do a full push-up, do it against a chair or table – the elevation will make it easier.

  4. Sit-ups

    This is also another tiny breather to keep your heart rate up but not at breakneck speed after those burpees and jumping squats. Plus, it will help tone your core and abdominal muscles. Just keep your hands off the ground, fold them across your chest, and crunch those abs up.

  5. Mountain climbers

    And we are back to cardio! Similar to the burpee, this is a full body workout that will tone your arms, core, and legs. To get the most out of this exercise movement, make sure your knee touches your opposing elbow every rep.
    3 sets of
    5 burpees
    10 jumping squats
    5 push-ups
    10 sit-ups
    20 mountain climbers (left= 1 rep, right= 1 rep)

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