Compact and convenient with Tupperware

During the Christmas season, food and drinks will be in abundance – and Tupperware has a great way for you to share the festivities with friends and family.

Copious Tupperware products

For this holiday season, you can choose from a variety of colourful and vibrant Tupperware products from The Blushing Pink Collection and more to store your food and drinks fresh!

From the picture above, left to right:

  • Small Square Round, set of four, 250ml, RM38.80 – Store any of your fresh ingredients into these and keep them crisp!
  • Cute 2 Go, comes in four colours, RM28 each – These bottles will be great for your little ones to stay hydrated wherever they go!
  • Lolli Tup, set of three, 550ml, RM56.70 – Ideal for an array of different foods packed all into one for a nutritious meal for you or your kids.
  • Blushing Pink Cookie Canisters, set of 2, 1.75L, RM89.90 – Seal your food fresh for the holiday season with these cute cookie canisters.
  • Blushing Pink Mug Sets, RM95.90 – Comes in fours to share with friends and family. It comes with a lid that is leak-proof and doubles-up as a coaster. The mugs also have built-in spoons.
  • Blushing Pink Pitcher, 2L, RM 69.60 –¬†Great for making drinks for guests and all you don’t have to worry about it spilling over as the lid is secured in place. To pour the drink out, just lift the lid a little.¬†

If you would like to know more about Tupperware, be sure to visit their website!

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