Coffee That Takes You On An Adventure

A good cuppa is so much more than a drink — it’s comfort, and also an uplifting boost. But do you know who discovered coffee? The actual details are lost to history, but some myths have survived through the times.

The myth of Arabica is based on a story about an Ethiopian monk, who saw Kaldi, a young goat herder, dance with goats after eating the red ‘cherries’ from a mysterious bush. When the monk burnt these cherries, he discovered their delicious aroma. As legend has it, he crushed the beans inside the cherries and combined them with water to make Arabica.

Uganda is the birthplace of Robusta coffee beans. In ancient times, the beans were believed to signify the loyalty and unity between two families. A single coffee cherry would be split into two and shared.

A Vibrant Journey

Nespresso draws inspiration from these colourful legends for their limited-edition Arabica Ethiopia Harrar and Robusta Uganda.

For those who like it smooth…

The Arabica Ethiopia Harrar is a great combination of espresso with fruits and flowers. Boasting a velvety body, it’s made with 100 per cent Arabica from Harrar, the region where coffee was first commercialised on a large scale and exported globally.

Serving size: Espresso (40ml) or Lungo (110ml)

For those who like it intense…

Sweet and rich in cacao, the Robusta Uganda is undeniably intense.


Serving size: Espresso (40ml) or Ristretto (25ml)

Text by Lee Jia Ching and Adelina Tan

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