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Is it time for you to get a new car? This is a question you’ll want to consider when the cost of repairing your current car is starting to outweigh the cost of getting a new one. And, it’s definitely time to start a new journey with a new road partner when your previous car no longer keeps you safe!

The All-New CR-V is here!

Honda Malaysia brings to you the 5th Generation CR-V, featuring a sleek look and all-new features – the highlight being two key advanced technologies, the powerful and highly efficient Earth Dreams Technology™ 1.5 VTEC Turbocharged engine that performs like a 2.4L engine, and Honda SENSING™. With a sophisticated car like this, you’ll find it’s more pleasant than ever to be on the road, whether alone or with family and friends!

Great for getaways

Pic credit: The Odyssey Online

If you often travel long distance, you’ll want your car to be fuel efficient (tip: maintain a steady speed and don’t slam on the brakes unnecessarily). Choosing between the 1.5L VTEC Turbocharged and 2.0L i-VTEC engines – mated with Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) developed under Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology initiative – will provide you with a balance of driving performance and fuel efficiency.

Those blessed with long legs can also sit back and relax in the All-New CR-V, because it is now roomier. The back seats are also equipped with USB ports, so your devices are taken care of!

Bring along whatever you need, because Honda has upped their space game with 250mm of extra space for your luggage – with the rear seat up, the space is at 552 litre but when the rear seat is down, the space becomes a whopping 1084 litre.

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